Your Magento partner

Your Magento partner

Specialists in Magento webshops

Magento experts in Amsterdam

We are a team of e-commerce specialists working from Amsterdam for ambitious Magento webshop through the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. With almost 20 years of experience we support Magento webshops from the strategic concepten phase until the international rollout of the Magento webshop.

Magento developers for the long term

Since the start of Wezz e-Commerce we have been focusing on Magento projects for almost 20 years, enabling us to deliver optimal support your Magento webshop. To achieve this, we are always focusing on long term partnerships.


Your • Magento • partner

We work together with you, to take your webshop further.
And your problems away.

hands-on approach

We are down-to-earth.

We don’t like flashy buzzwords, but we do like delivering concrete and tangible results.

long-term commitment

We are trustworthy.

We are here to stay, through a personalized development roadmap we will keep a firm grip on your long-term goals.

+15 years of experience

We are reliable.

We’ve seen it -almost- all, building professional webshops and websites for our clients since 2002.

Magento specialists

We are experienced.

We go way back with Magento, we’ve been using its framework for all our e-commerce project since 2008.

more about Magento?

We’ve got you covered.

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Want • to • know • more?

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