Magento 2

Wezz e-Commerce is specialized in Magento 2

Wezz e-Commerce uses Magento 2 for all new projects. When you already have an existing webstore based on Magento 1, we are happy to help you with Magento 1 development, or migrating your webstore to Magento 2.


Magento 2


Wezz e-Commerce is expert in Magento 2

Why Magento 2?

Magento is the most extensive and flexible open-source e-commerce framework that is currently available. With Magento 2 Magento had taken the next step in building a framework that allows webstore owners to use all opportunities that modern technology offers. Besides that, Magento will stop bringing out security updates for Magento 1 soon, since the 'End of Life' for the Magento 1 project is coming closer.

Why a specialized Magento 2 developer

A lof the techniques and guidelines that are used in Magento 2 development are very specific to the Magento platform. To ensurethe effectiveness and continuity of your e-commerce it is important to choose a technical partner that is actually specialized in Magento development and has extensive experience in using these techniques. Wezz e-Commerce has almost 10 years of Magento experience, and has built mulptiple projects based on Magento 2.

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