Magento connections

We develop connetions with external software for both Magento 1 & Magento 2.

Because of Magento's flexibility it is very well suited to be connected to different external software packages. Wezz e-Commerce development a large number of solid Magento connections in the past. For instance with Accounting Software, fulfilment systems and Payment Service Providers.


Magento connections


Wezz e-Commerce is specialist in the development of Magento connections


Develop a Magento connection?

Wezz e-Commerce is happy to advise you on best way to connect your Magento installation to external software. Contact us to talk about the possibilities.

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Magento 2 feeds with Channable

Channable is feed management software. It allows you to make your products visible on other platforms or even sell them on other platforms.

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Partnership Wezz & Amasty

Since this summer, Wezz is a proud partner of Amasty. After years of building up experience with the Magento modules of Amasty, this cooperation has been formalized and Wezz is now an official partner of Amasty.

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The Ultimate Measures to Improve Magento Security

Magento has been acknowledged by industry experts as among the best e-Commerce software currently available out there. It boasts a collection of top-notch inbuilt security features which keep your site safe.

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Upgrading Magento 1 to Magento 2: is it worth it?

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