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Magento extensions

Your Magento extension on Magento Marketplace?

Need an extension that meets your specific needs or building an Magento extension to offer to merchants through the Magento Marketplace?

Wezz e-Commerce has extensive experience with developing specific custom Magento extensions, or developing Magento extensions for the Magento Marketplace.


Magento extensies

10 years of experience Magento extension development


Magento Extension standard

To add Magento extensions to the Magento Marketplace and make them available for all merchants, the extension needs to meet a number of conditions. Magento distinguishes between Business, Techical and Marketing condition.

For every type of condition Magento has created specific guidelines:

We will be happy to advise you on how your Magento extension can meet all of these standards.

Support for your Magento extension

When your Magento extension becomes available on the Magento Marketplace, merchants can use you extension on their own specific Magento installation. It is important to pro-actively think about setting up support for any questions or problems these merchant might have. Wezz e-Commerce has extensive experience in setting up documentation, manuals and FAQ's for various Magento extensions.

Develop a Magento extension?

Curious what e-Commerce could do for you in terms of extension development? Contact us through the chat or contact us through our contact page.