Whether you are switching from another software solution or starting from scratch, we are here to help.

Getting started together

We like to start our cooperation with an orientational conversation about your project and the goals you have for your Magento project. In this phase we get a feel for the project, and give you our first input based on your story and our e-commerce experience.

When both sides feel there is a match, we start our more extensive research phase and work out the specifics, filling in all the specific details that are needed for your e-commerce project.

Based on our research we build our proposal and present the way we would consider best to approach your Magento project. In collaboration with you as our client, we finetune our proposal and work towards an agreement on a definitive plan of action that will be the basis of our long-term cooperation.

Building your e-commerce project

While a part of the development process is strictly technical, a lot of decisions are made during development that can influence the result from a business or marketing point of view.

Using our Agile as our method of software development, we have periodical meetings during each sprint, to include you in the process and to see if we are all still on the same page in terms of requirements and functionality of the website.

Long-run cooperation

After celebrating the launch of your project we continue our intensive cooperation to further optimize and improve your e-commerce project on a structural basis.

Besides maintaining security and performance of the website, a development roadmap will be fundamental to our cooperation.



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